Ayurvedic treatment to lower cholesterol

Do you know:- Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Haryana Have Highest Burden Of Heart Disease In India. Ischemic heart disease–where blood supply to the heart is restricted–is the leading cause of death in India, causing 17.8% deaths in 2016, and the disease burden has increased 104% since 1990, according to a new national study. * Ayurvedic treatment to […]

10 best food for pregnancy

Do you know:- A woman will experience many changes during the first trimester, too. Many women will start to feel morning sickness, or nausea and vomiting due to pregnancy, at 6–8 weeks. … Many also report experiencing food cravings or aversions during early pregnancy, alongside a stronger sense of smell. #10 BEST FOODS FOR PREGNANCY     Now […]

How to increase metabolism to lose weight.

Did you know:- According to research, the metabolic rate begins its decline in your mid 20s and decreases approximately by 2%,in a span of every 10 years. So, lets boost your metabolism. #.5 ways to increase your metabolism. 1.Drink more cold water.

yoga for stress and anxiety relief

Do you know:-  10 times more peopel suffring from major depression now than in 1945. Yoga helps you to improve your mental and physical health.These Pranayams everyone can do that. #3 esay pranayam for improve mental and Physical health.(1)Anulom vilom It’s also know as Nadi shodhan (Alternate nostril Breathing).Left nostril is Ida (moon principle or mind).Right nostril […]

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